Our Goals and Accomplishments


Cultivating the
love of reading and strong caregiver connections


Highlighting culturally relevant stories that feature BIPOC main characters to nurture children’s self-esteem


Through donations and book drives, we have provided over 40 books to children in temporary housing since 2021

What Our Community Is Saying

“Our family’s situation changed just before the pandemic and we have moved to this shelter. My kids love to read and I was concerned because we could get to our regular library. It was such a nice sight to see this organization giving out books to my children, during this time. They even had books for my youngest son. Now we can start our own library”

— Parent

“The first time I saw DBTL outside our new home, I was welcomed with warmth and positive energy. My kids were actually the ones who pointed out the book stand to me. So I know DBTL really has a connection with the kids. I can tell they really care about helping my daughter read. I don’t mind because now I get to read to her. I am happy for the free books, especially because they came straight to me.”

— Parent

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    Help Wanted: Must Love Books

    Shailey loves reading bedtime stories with her dad. When he gets a new job, their routine is interrupted. Shailey sets out to find a new partner. She interviews many of her favorite characters and makes slight changes to her help wanted poster trying to find the perfect match. Who will she hire? Who can replace her dad? This book uses humor, a love of reading, and the parent-child relationship to reel you in. It’s #WorthARead!

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